Alex McFarland, Elmer L. Towns - 10 Questions Every Christian Must Answer: Thoughtful Responses to Strengthen Your Faith

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Publishers: BROADMAN
Author: Alex McFarland, Elmer L. Towns

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Would a loving God really send people to hell? Can we really trust what the Bible says? Is Jesus really the only way to heaven? Becoming a Christian does not mean that all of the questions about faith are instantly answered. In fact, more questions are likely to follow. However, not having knowledge about certain issues can dampen your faith and rob you of the joy that comes from confidently sharing it with others. Ten Questions Every Christian Must Answer provides responses to the toughest conversations regarding one's inward faith as well as the outward expression of it and is relevant to new believers and longtime Christ followers alike. Led by respected scholars Elmer Towns and Alex McFarland, readers can be sure this content is backed by sharp minds, deep thinking, and the unchanging Word of God.