Bill Crowder - The Path of His Passion: Walk with Christ Through His Last Days on Earth

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"From the Back Cover The Path of His Passion Author Bill Crowder invites you to join him in tracing Christ's final hours and walking with Him on The Path of His Passion--""the journey of seeking Him, considering Him, worshiping Him."" Christ taught vital lessons to His disciples in those final hours leading up to the cross, and in those lessons has left principles for us to learn as well. Don't become so anxious to ""survey the wondrous cross"" that you overlook the importance of the events that happened on the way to it, says the author. The Last Supper and the upper room; His agony in the garden of Gethsemane; on trial before the high priest and Pilate; and on the Via Dolorosa, the route that took Him to Golgotha- at each point of Christ's journey, you will see Him as prophet, sufferer, advocate, and savior. And because the path does not end at the cross, you will also see Christ as He rises from the grave in triumph over death and in His exaltation as He ascends to His Father. Walk with Christ along The Path of His Passion and come to a greater appreciation for the journey He took for you. As the author draws out the valuable lessons Christ taught along the way, he will encourage you to be ""more determined than ever to embrace the cross that Christ embraced for you."""

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In the popularly written and biblically based book, author Bill Crowder walks the reader through Christ's last days and hours on earth. Beginning in the upper room and then to Gethsemane and beyond, from betrayal and denial to mock trials, from the agony and victory of the cross to the ascension, the reader is compelled to see those momentous events through the eyes of the disciples, and more importantly, through the eyes of Christ Himself. Crowder's easy and personable style gives readers a fresh look at some of the most familiar texts in the Bible, while highlighting elements that are often overlooked.