Brian M. Howell & Jenell Paris - Introducing Cultural Anthropology, 2nd Edition

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"An immense help in preparing students of anthropology to engage with our global society"
"Howell and Paris have provided an introductory text for cultural anthropology that is not only well-written, informative, and interesting but also unique in bridging the gap between this secular discipline and Christianity. Theological excursions into subjects relevant to Christians, devotional exercises for contemplating the full significance of human life in biblical terms, and personal accounts of the paradoxes of the working life of Christian anthropologists are interwoven with clear and penetrating explanations of anthropological concepts. In all this, the authors are faithful to both Christianity and anthropology. This book will provide much food for thought to Christians interested in discovering the value of anthropology for life, ministry, and practice."
--Eloise Hiebert Meneses, Eastern University; author of On Knowing Humanity
"Introducing Cultural Anthropology deftly covers traditional anthropological themes such as culture, kinship, power, language, religion, and ritual. But more importantly, Howell and Paris show that anthropology is not just for intrepid missionaries or those interested in distant lands; rather, because it engages human themes such as poverty and injustice, gender and sexuality, and race and inequality, anthropology is an essential tool for understanding and contributing to our communities, churches, and neighborhoods. Introducing Cultural Anthropology is the ideal text for the thoughtful Christian classroom."
--Aminta Arrington, John Brown University
"I used the first edition of this book while teaching internationally diverse students in both Southern California and China. Introducing Cultural Anthropology is academically rigorous and well researched, covering critical terms and concepts, yet written in an easy-to-understand format. The additional online test banks and supplemental materials are helpful not only for students--particularly those who speak English as a second language--but also for the professor preparing to teach the material. The textbook and supplemental materials provide the foundation necessary for course preparation that focuses on the needs of students across cultures. Indeed, Howell and Paris have given us a great gift. I am very excited about the second edition and the new chapter exploring medical anthropology. I have been working in the field for decades on medical issues that impact our cultures and have not found another textbook that adequately addresses this important subject. Their forward-thinking treatment of this topic and others will undoubtedly be an immense help in preparing students of anthropology and Christ-followers to engage with our global society."
--Dana S. Chisholm, author, advocate, and publisher, Trail Media & Chisholm Family Foundation
"I heartily congratulate Howell and Paris on this second edition of Introducing Cultural Anthropology. I invested in the first edition by teaching from it critically for five years. I am pleased to see numerous improvements in the second edition that both students and instructors should appreciate--for example, discussion questions at the end of each chapter, a new chapter on medical anthropology, and helpful revisions throughout. I am excited to see in the second edition the fruit of two fine Christian anthropologists regularly teaching its subject matter; discussing it intentionally with students and a wide range of fellow anthropologists; and continuing related research, conference presentations, and publication. I am more than glad to highly recommend this second edition."
--Robert G. McKee, Dallas International University


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 What is the role of culture in human experience? This concise yet solid introduction to cultural anthropology helps readers explore and understand this crucial issue from a Christian perspective. Now revised and updated throughout, this new edition of a successful textbook covers standard cultural anthropology topics with special attention given to cultural relativism, evolution, and missions. It also includes a new chapter on medical anthropology. Plentiful figures, photos, and sidebars are sprinkled throughout the text, and updated ancillary support materials and teaching aids are available through Baker Academic's Textbook eSources.