Chad Taylor - Why Revivals Still Tarries

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"Revival is the buzz word of 21st century Church, but to the Lord, it is more than a passing fancy.

It is the very heart of His purpose for mankind, for you. In this book you will learn;

Why Revival should be a perpetual experience, a way of life.

Why revival cannot be germinated in a test tube of theology.

How you can be truly revived personally. How the miraculous can be the normal experience of your life.

How the Church can bring revival to the world.

With engaging and challenging skill, author Chad Taylor, a true veteran of revival, shows how we can be revived as well as how we can become instruments of revival for those around us.

The words of the Lord are always full of hope, and so are the words of Why Revival Still Tarries. But hope move us to change, to repent and to begin to respond to the will of God himself. In the exciting pages of this book, you will discover how this can change and how you hold the key to the most remarkable event ever experienced in the Church; genuine, God-breathed revival!!"