Communion Ware Bread Plate Cover (Brasstone Aluminum) - Artistic

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"Each meticulously crafted piece of Artistic communion ware is designed to honor and glorify the solemn and sacred act of receiving holy communion. Communion ware covers bear the holy cross, encircled and supported by a three-tier pedestal, which symbolizes the Holy Trinity - a reverent foundation that is forged into a host of other Artistic Churchware creations. During and following communion service, the communion cover can be placed on its base as a symbolic focal point on the altar, along side the communion tray and bread plate. Together, Artistic Churchware communion ware pieces serve as humble vessels. The Bread Plate Cover bears the holy cross, encircled and supported by a three-tier ""pedestal"" which symbolizes the Holy Trinity. The Brasstone aluminum has a permanent, polished finish due to an exclusive anodizing process. It never requires polishing and the beautiful finish matches other brass appointments."