Dr. Gene Getz - Fearless Leadership: Joshua (Men of Purpose Series)

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Publishers: BROADMAN
Author: Dr. Gene Getz


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Fearless Leadership: Joshua is a 12 week men's Bible study course on the life of Joshua. It is the fourth of 12 study books, part of the Men of Purpose series by Dr. Gene Getz. These studies have a unique blend of group interaction, discovery Bible study, and biblical principles for living developed over years of ministry by Dr. Getz. The Men of Purpose Series focuses on men in the Bible who are poignant examples of Godly masculinity. Each of these leaders faced trials, frustration and failure, yet was inspired by God to achieve great goals. In a world where Christian male role models seem increasingly rare, this series reminds us that some of the most worthy examples of godly character can be found in the biblical figures who brought power, wisdom, and inspiration to God's people.