E. Stanley Jones - Victorious Living (Hardcover)

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In 1938, TIME magazine called E. Stanley Jones "the world’s greatest missionary." Standing-room-only crowds filled his meeting halls on four different continents. He is reported to have preached more times than any human being (est. 60,000). Listeners came to Christ on nearly every occasion and some consider him "the Billy Graham of India." He wrote 28 books, including 10 full-year devotionals, some of which became million-copy best sellers.

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 What makes the difference between ordinary living and extraordinary, victorious living? How can we build a new inner strength that shines through in our outward character and relationships? Our own efforts to rise above are ineffective but by applying the power of God’s Word we can close the gap between our reality and our beliefs. Each daily reading in Victorious Living offers essential truths and eternal principles: keys to victorious living in the circumstances we encounter every day! Victorious Living is a devotional classic written in 1936 by E. Stanley Jones, the greatest Christian leader of his day. Now this vibrant work is making a long-deserved comeback, updated for the twenty-first century by noted editor Dean Merrill.