Jack Frost - Experiencing Father's Embrace : A Daily Encounter with Him - Hardcover

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Jack has been impacted and transformed by his own sense of sonship, allowing every step he takes and all that he writes to affect those who are seeking a fresh insight into the biblical conception of God as a Father. -- --Bob Mumford, Chairman of Lifechangers Inc.
About the Author
Jack and Trisha Frost have experienced great success in the pastoral ministry for many years, but have also experienced burnout, depression and marital and family problems as well. In 1995, God revealed a depth of His love that completely changed the way Jack functioned in both his family and in his ministry. This hard-nosed commercial fishing boat captain became a warm, tender-hearted father and husband. He and Trisha founded Shiloh Place Ministries with a vision to see the world experience the Father's healing love through the hearts of its leaders.

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Experiencing Father's Embrace shows you how you can personally feel your Father's loving and comforting embrace, and points out areas that may be hindering you from experiencing a more intimate relationship with your Creator.
Jack Frost, ministry leader and teacher, reveals the love that God has for each of His children. His love is not doled out by age, race, gender, politics, or denomination--His embrace is for all.
The author offers many ways to bring both new and seasoned believers closer to Him. The truths shared in this book will make a positive difference in your life, in the lives of your loved ones and especially in your relationship with God the Father---who yearns for your companionship.
Experiencing Father's Embrace is not based on hearsay but on Scripture and powerful life experiences of a man whose personal testimony will encourage and inspire you to pursue God's eternal loving embrace.