Jerald Gomez - Hearing The Voice Of God

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This book is the third in a series by Jerald Gomez. The first two are God’s Word on Money and The Ways of God.

 Here Jerald addresses the basic questions that people have about spiritual direction.  Questions he has heard from his clients, staff, church members, friends, family, from the young and the old, from the wise and the immature. All are seeking answers that will help them in their decisions. Questions like:


Does God speak today?


Will He speak to me?

How does He speak? What are the signs?

What happens if I cannot hear Him?

What must I do to hear His voice?

How do I know it is God speaking?

How do I know it is God directing me?


This book is written as a guide or a primer to help you recognise the voice of God with more precision, clarity and certainty and includes Five Foundational Principles and Ten Tests to apply when determining God’s direction.