Jerald Gomez - The Ways Of God

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 “Jerald Gomez is remarkable for seamlessly straddling the divide between secular life and the ministry.  As a highly successful lawyer he has the advantage of seeing some of the important issues he discusses in their total perspective.  It is done from the standpoint of the reality of the marketplace.  He deals with human interaction and responses to such vital matters as truth and justice, fairness and unfairness and of ethics and kindness. In the end this is a profound scriptural book dealing with important concerns of life and its challenges from a strong Christian perspective. The book succeeds because of its forthrightness, clarity and importantly its relevance to contemporary life.” Dato’ Dr Cyrus V Das


“Jerry has gone through similar experiences as that experienced by King David of finding the richness of God in so many different areas.” – Rev Dr Henry K Pillai


“This book helped clear many of my doubts and misconceptions about God and His Ways, once I started reading, I found it difficult to put down.” Shirley Gomez


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 Natural laws like the law of gravity, affect our lives. Whether you are good, evil, an innocent baby or a murderer, you will fall if you jump out a building.

 In the same way there are supernatural laws that affect us whether we are aware or not, like the law of sowing and reaping, blessing and cursing.

 Most people do not know these laws that God has put in place They ask questions like


 Why do bad things happen to me even though I believe, I am good?

·        Why do I get cheated? Why am I deceived? Why am I poor?

·        Why are my mistakes highlighted but mistakes of others overlooked?

·        Why do I get sick? Why am I not prospering like others?

·        Does God have favourites?

·        Why are some people “lucky” and others “unlucky”?

·        How does God view things, does God think like us?

THE WAYS OF GOD addresses these questions and more, how to understand what God is saying, what forces are at work in your life, what are the key factors that gain God’s favour, how to have more authority and power in your life, and much more.