Matt Redman - We Shall Not Be Shaken

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Matt Redman continues to make music that churches desire to sing. With 5 of the top 100 songs sung in churches, Matt's style of worship continues to connect. Matt's new project, entitled We Will Not Be Shaken, continues to offer music for the church which speaks to the incredible rescue of God, calling His people to shine like beacon lights in an ever changing world. Full of purpose and with a timely message, We Will Not Be Shaken features 12 tracks and new songs for the worshiper and the Church

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"Track Listing:  1. This Is How We Know  2. We Shall Not Be Shaken  3. Through It All  4. You Alone Can Rescue  5. The Glory Of Our King  6. How Great Is Your Faithfulness

  7. Remembrance (Communion Song)  8. The More We See  9. For Your Glory  10. Gloria  11. All That Really Matters  12. My Hope"