Michael Soh - Immortality (Everlasting Life): The Ultimate Gift from Jesus Christ

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Publisher: PARTRIDGE
Author: Michael Soh
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About the Author MICHAEL SOH a fervent Christian who enjoys unravelling the ultimate Bible mystery of overcoming death. He shares many revelations that are unheard off by using Bible verses. He is not shy to openly share the immortality gospel. Nothing about him is orthodox. Neither is he a conformist to human traditions.


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This book is the only book that runs forward to tackle the biggest mystery facing us today. Michael Soh combines facts, charts, and Bible verses to give readers a deep understanding that death is already destroyed two thousand years ago. Readers can now make a difference with this victory in their life by staying as immortals in this world tending to His fields. There are many revelation with Bible references to discover renew youth and immortality. Immortality start in the spiritual realm and manifest into the physical realm. This book inspire readers of all ages to turn the tide against the spirit of death that has robbed human race of immortality. It helps to make our world that we live in lives up to its majestic name, the kingdom of God. In addition to inspiring readers to overcome sickness, it encourages everyone to get going with immortality. You will find lots of road maps that show immortality is achievable and is in accordance with Gods will. Readers can be confident to remain alive till rapture comes.