Peter C.T Lim - Joshua and the Judges (The Children's Bible Explorer Series)

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Author: Peter C.T Lim


The Children's Bible Explorer series enables children to explore the Scriptures for themselves, including the epic story of Genesis, the adventure of the Exodus, and the redemptive work of Jesus. Each package contains a multimedia CD/DVD and a full-colour book, supplemented with interesting facts, photos and maps. Books in this series: 1 Genesis Vol 1: From Creation to Abraham 2 Genesis Vol 2: Isaac, Jacob and Joseph 3 Moses and the Exodus 4 Joshua and the Judges 5 The Gospel Story Vol 1: From Birth to Transfiguration 6 The Gospel Story Vol 2: The Messiah 7 Epic of the Apostles Vol 1: Peter and the Jerusalem Church 8 Epic of the Apostles Vol 2: Paul and the Early Missionary Journeys