R.T Kendall - Justification By Works (The New Westminster Pulpit) (New Westminster Pulpit Series)

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"This is the first of a two-volume commentary that will inspire us towards godliness and an increase in our understanding of faith. Through careful and detailed exposition we are encouraged to grow in the ways of wisdom, as it is Kendall's hope that our eyes will be opened and exposed to deeper truths in the Word of God. James, considered to be one of the most controversial epistles for its somewhat Jewish bias, provides an insight into the world of primitive and essential Christianity. Here are Christians who are challenged to reconcile belief with behavior and strive towards action and compassion, as they serve Christ in their day-to-day living. Today we face similar struggles and problems, as R.T. Kendall applies and extends the needs of these early Christians to the contemporary condition of the church. Kendall also includes introductory material on the epistle's dating, writer and history. The New Westminster Pulpit Series is based on sermons preached weekly by R.T. Kendall while he was minister at Westminster Chapel."