Sax Chill (CD)

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"Sax Chill - Volume One and Two - soft, gentle, relaxing warm tones coming from a soprano saxophone fill the room with a peaceful ambience. Music to enjoy or just have playing in the background. It quietly makes its presence known and then you recognize the song – and your mind drifts along as you allow yourself to remember the lyrics that accompany the music. The saxophone is one of those instruments by its very tone creates an atmosphere, It invites the listener to partake in the music in a relaxed easy listening way. As the words form in your mind you remember your day, the pressures, the stress and sometimes you wonder if in the eternal perspective they were all worth it – but your work keeps you busy in spite of that. As the music washes over you, you are drawn to reflect on the eternal truths of the lyrics running through your head. To centre you for another tomorrow so that the work you are doing can be seen by you from an eternal perspective, a heart attitude of His caring."

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"Track Listing; 1. The Spirit Of The Sovereign Lord 2. As The Deer 3. Jesus We Enthrone You 4. There Is A Redeemer 5. We're Looking To Your Promise 6. All The Way My Saviour Leads Me 7. Great Is The Lord And Most Worthy Of Praise 8. Jesus You Took Up My Infirmity 9. Beautiful Lord, Wonderful Saviour (The Potter's Hand) 10. And I Praise Your Name (You Are The Mighty King) 11. Abba Father 12. You're The God Of All The Earth (A Lovesong Melody) 13. Can I Ascend 14. Draw Me Closer"