Su Yin Yong - After Salvation, What's Next ? Based On Bible Scriptures

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 This is a reference book to provide Christians/believers and pre-believers guidelines and information on: 

1. What to do after salvation: as an individual, as part of a family (as husband, wife, parent, or child) and at the business/workplace (as an employer, superior, employee, or worker)?

    (Prayer samples included)

2. What are some of God's covenants, commandments, and laws that Christians must obey?

3. What are, and how to renounce, reject & break down /destroy evil/ ungodly strongholds, idolatry, generational sins/spirits & soul ties?

   (Prayer samples included)

4. How to prepare and share the Gospel, i.e., the good news of salvation? (Salvation tract included.)

5. Useful topics for Bible knowledge and sharing the Gospel, e.g:

   . What is the Bible? Is everything in the Bible true and from God ?

   . What is the purpose of Life?

   . Who is God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost/Spirit?

     What is the Trinity?

   . What happens after we die?

   . What are the signs and events in the End Times and the End of the World? What are God's judgments? Book of Revelation.

   . What must we do to be saved and have an eternal life of joy?

   . Cults & false prophets/teachers/Christs. How to indentify them?