The Church Case Scenario: How to Survive and Thrive in Church - Bruce & Stan

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The bad news; Statics tell us that half of all people who go to church while growing up leave the church once they become adults. But there is good news; Bruce and Stan, who grew up in the church and survived, recommend the church experience to anyone adventurous enough to give it a shot. They're so positive about the church that they've written this book to show people how to do what they've done; Survive and thrive in the church. Drawing upon nostalgic memories and positive experiences, these two veteran churchgoers make a case for appreciating rather than avoiding it. Bruce and Stan had only two rules to guide them; First, don't take yourself too seriously. Second, take God very seriously. It all adds up to an encouraging and often funny look at the world's greatest institution (and they mean that in a good way).