Wong Moi Lee - Walking Through Grief : Towards Personal Transformation

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 During bereavement, many Christians face a lonely struggle

with their faith, as most of them do not know where to seek
help. The bereaved may also find themselves in a dilemma when
their negative and painful emotions do not fall in sync with their
faith, in which they believe that their loved one is now in a better
place and awaiting the promised resurrection.
This book encourages the mourner to embrace and endure
the pain of grieving, and put grief work into practice as the
mourner journeys towards restoration. There must be honesty
and a willingness to engage in the grief process by embracing
and attending to one’s loss. Walking through grief can be a
holistic journey, which helps the bereaved search for healing and
new meaning in life. The church, as a community, must come
alongside the bereaved to mourn with them, and to give practical
and spiritual assistance in their journey of grief. I believe this
painful experience can be an opportunity for an individual to
discover God and grow deeper in Him. As we embrace the
darkness and the pain, we will be transformed by His love, and
walk into a new destiny.
About the Author
Dr Wong Moi Lee (BD; MA; DMin) was Director of English Theological Education